Rayna: And I also left Edgehill. Want to know why? Because Edgehill is not the label that it was when I was coming up. Hell, the music business isn’t the same as it was when I was coming up. Back then, you could listen to the radio all day long and hear so many female artists. We had Martina, we had Reba, we had Shania, we had Faith, Jo Dee, Pam… Amazing artists. Now you know how many solo female artists there are in the top 40? Two. You know as well as I do it’s just all… Big-hat cowboys, and Edgehill is all big-hat cowboys. That’s all Jeff Fordham has signed. Look who he’s signed… Luke Wheeler. Will Lexington. Jeff Fordham has signed one woman, and she’s a reality-TV star, and you ask Layla Grant how that’s going for her. 
Sadie: Okay, well, if that’s all true, then why does he want to sign me? 
Rayna: Because you’re… You’re new and shiny, and you’re a trophy for him to present to his board. I promise you… After that, he will not support you. Hey, listen, you don’t want to be Rayna Jaymes. You want to be the one and only Sadie Stone, and I believe that I can help you with that. Your fight is my fight. I want you on the radio ‘cause that means there’s a place for me on the radio. That means there’s a place for Juliette Barnes on the radio. That means there’s a place for all these women in this town who are just trying to catch a break. Choose Highway 65. Choose me.

You and me are gasoline and matches 

Sadie Stone in 3x04 I Feel Sorry for Me

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…because i knew you

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i dont get why book series are made into movies and not tv shows???

one chapter= one episode

one book= one season

it just makes a lot more sense

You are the revolution.

Why is this not real?

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